Rehearsal Outline:

11/10 Wednesday 6:00pm (Kids Worship Center (KWC))
  • Disco Gloria/The Dream
  • Deadline for Guaranteed Costume (If present, your child is guaranteed a professional costume. If not please reach out to jenniferhudson@fbfirst.com before 11/14 to secure your costume.)

11/17 Wednesday 6:00pm (KWC)
  • Review all songs learned so far/Blake’s Song 

11/20 Saturday 12:00-3:00pm (Auditorium)
  • Leads Practice (Leads consist only of the orphans [Blake, Starr, Maggie, Zoolie, Gertie, John Luke] and Trixie.)
  • Leads must have their lines completely memorized. (Still bring the script though)

11/24 Wednesday
  • No Practice - Off for Thanksgiving

12/1 Wednesday 6:00pm (KWC)
  • What Can I Give? 

12/8 Wednesday 6:00pm (KWC)
  • Full show

12/10 Friday 5:00-8:00pm (Auditorium)
  • Speaking Role Rehearsal
  • This will consist of ALL actors that have speaking roles (Starr, Blake, Maggie, Zoolie, Gertie, John Luke, Trixie, Joseph, Zizzy, Zeke, and Mary)

12/11 Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm (Bring a Packed Lunch)
  • Dress Rehearsal - ALL LEADS, SUPPORTING ROLES, AND ENSEMBLE (Definition: Literally everyone)
  • Wear/Bring a white t-shirt and light shorts.

12/12 Sunday (Meet in the Gym after church ~ 12:00 - End of Show)
  • Final Practice and Preparation
  • Wear/Bring a white t-shirt and light shorts.

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